Nuclear Reactors

The Australian Nuclear Association supports the use of:

  • research reactors as a source of neutrons for research and for production of radioisotopes, and
  • nuclear power plants to produce electricity and heat for industry.

The following documents provide current information on research reactors and power reactors.

Nuclear Power – a real option – Article by John Harries 10 Nov 2019

Nuscale SMR – On Track for Deployment – Presentation by Tony Irwin on 26 June 2019

Nuclear Power for Space Applications – Presentation by Mark Ho on 17 April 2019.

Climate Change – the Nuclear Solution – Presentation by Robert Parker on 26 March 2019.

Small Modular Reactors – Status and Prospects for Australia– Tony Irwin, Australian Physicist, 56 (6), Jan-Feb 2019, pp 23-26.

Nuclear can solve the Energy Trilemma – Mark Ho and John Harries, Energy Magazine, Sept 2018.

The Nuclear Industry of South Korea – Presentation by Barrie Hill, Robert Parker and Robert Barr on 15 Aug 2018.

Loud and Nuclear – John Harries, Energy Source & Distribution Magazine, March/April 2018, pp 40-41.

Latest Generation Nuclear Reactors…and what’s to come – Mark Ho and David Maddison, Silicon Chip Magazine, March 2018

Nuclear Power in China – Presentation by Ian Hore-Lacy on 21 March 2018

Nuclear Power – some facts – April 2018

The Journey from Gen 3+ to Gen IV – Presentation by Adi Paterson on 22 Nov 2017

Fast Neutron Reactors – Presentation by Mark Ho on 27 April 2017

Links to useful websites

ANSTO: information on the 20 MW OPAL Research Reactor at Lucas Heights, NSW, as well as research projects on the use of nuclear technology in industry, materials, environment and health.

World Nuclear News: daily public information on the subject of nuclear power, including background information, expert commentary and links to relevant authoritative sources. The first place to check for authoritative information on nuclear events in the news.

Minerals Council of Australia: information on the Australian uranium mining industry

World Nuclear Association Public Information: authoritative information on a wide range of topics related to the uranium, nuclear power and nuclear fuel cycle around the world.
Some specific pages on the WNA website are: