Navigating Nuclear – Everything you need to know

A one day opportunity to learn everything you need to know about nuclear energy and what it means for Australia’s future from global experts

Monday 13 May, Sydney:  8:00 AM – 5:15 PM AEST in Leighton Hall, University of NSW, Kensington, NSW.

Nuclear energy is frequently debated with a deep passion. This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to learn everything they need to know about nuclear energy and what it means for Australia’s future, so that they can engage with and lead more informed discussions and decisions in their business, families and communities.

Technical specialists and leaders from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and international and Australian institutions presented lectures on a broad range of issues.


Opening Address – Hon Ted O’Brien, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy


How will the AUKUS submarine initiative affect Australia and our region?Jasmin Diab, Australia GNSP

Click here for Jasmin Diab’s slides

How does nuclear energy work? – Professor Koroush Shirvan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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What are the values and challenges of nuclear energy in the 21st century? – Professor Jacopo Buongiorno, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Is nuclear energy safe? – Professor Robert Hayes, Carolina State University



What are the potential environmental impacts of nuclear energy in Australia?Dr Dave Collins

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What minerals and quantities are required for nuclear energy? Professor Simon Michaux



Australia’s electricity grid – Dr Sarah Lawley

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Would nuclear energy be higher cost and slower to implement than renewables? Mark Nelson, Radiant Energy Group 


What really happens inside an operating nuclear power plant? – Sai Prasad Balla

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Australia – A case study of Australia’s nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights – Dr Mark Ho



Queensland – A case study of renewable energy – Steven Nowakowski



Global – A case study about current nuclear developments in other countries – Helen Cook, GNE Advisory 

US –Case study: A discovery that nuclear was nonpartisan – Dr Ross Koningstein

Finland – A case study of how nuclear became green Atte Harjanne, Member of Finland Parliament

USA case study about the history and inside workings of the nuclear safety culture – Professor Michael Golay, Massachusetts Institute of Technology