Fusion Energy – the current state of play and the future of energy

Speaker: Alex Borovskis, Co-founder, Helixos.

Hosted by the Nuclear Engineering Panel, Sydney Branch, Engineers Australia.

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm AEST Wednesday 29 May 2024

Webinar only 

Cost free to EA, ANA and students, $30 for others.  ANA members contact ANA@nuclearaustralia.org.au for code for free registration.

To register go to https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/event/2022/05/fusion-energy-current-state-play-and-future-energy-5ac4bbb1  


Since the discovery of the atom, fusion energy has been a promise of a world of unlimited clean energy, unlocking a new era of civilisation. New technological and scientific advancements are bringing us to the cusp of this era, with both public and private organisations investing in different pathways to achieve net energy gain. In this presentation, we’ll be looking at the recent milestones reached by national laboratories, the private companies making deals with industry for grid scale power this decade, and what it will mean for Australia’s energy investments.

Alex Borovskis

About the Speaker:  Alex Borovskis

Alex Borovskis is a global cleantech leader with deep expertise in fission and fusion technologies. As the co-founder of Helixos, he delivers commercialisation, strategic communications, and technical advisory services to global research organisations, governments, technology developers, investors, and end-users.

Alex currently serves as a Commercialisation Advisor for U.S. Department of Energy and NASA technology R&D funding grantees. Previously, he was the ANSTO Waste Operations Manager.