Federal Coalition Announces Policy on Nuclear Energy

On 13 June 2024 in a joint press statement, The Hon Peter Dutton MP, Leader of the Opposition, The Hon David Littleproud MP, Leader of the Nationals, and Mr Ted O’Brien MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy announced that a future Federal Coalition Government will introduce nuclear energy in Australia, to work in partnership with renewable energy and gas as part of a balanced energy mix. https://www.peterdutton.com.au/dutton-littleproud-obrien-media-release-australias-energy-future/

The Coalition press statement announced seven locations to be assessed for suitability for nuclear power plants in the first phase of the nuclear energy program.

Proposed Locations

  • Liddell Power Station, New South Wales
  • Mount Piper Power Station, New South Wales
  • Loy Yang Power Stations, Victoria
  • Tarong Power Station, Queensland
  • Callide Power Station, Queensland
  • Northern Power Station, South Australia (SMR only)
  • Muja Power Station, Western Australia (SMR only)

All the locations are sites where a coal power station had closed or is scheduled to close.  These are the only sites to be considered; the Coalition has ruled out all other locations.  There is at least one location in each mainland State.

To see more details on the Coalition plan go to https://www.australianeedsnuclear.org.au/our-plan

A future Coalition Government will lift the moratorium on nuclear energy technology and establish a civil nuclear energy program in Australia.  The Coalition’s plans for a balanced energy mix of renewables + gas + nuclear.

A Community Partnership will be formed in each host community as the focal point for community engagement and to play an important role in planning the future of the region. The community engagement process will occur alongside a comprehensive site characterisation study which will include detailed technical assessments of nuclear reactor options.

A Federal Coalition Government will initially develop nuclear power plants at two locations selected from the seven locations in the announcement.  Several reactors will be built at each site, as is normal practice overseas.

The nuclear plants will be owned by the Federal Government and partnerships will be formed with the experienced nuclear companies to develop and operate the plants.

Vogtle Unit 4 in the USA – a new AP1000 reactor

The power reactors at both selected locations will be either small modular reactors or modern larger plants such as the AP1000 or APR1400 which are already operating overseas.

The Coalition expects Australian nuclear power plants to start producing electricity by 2035 (with small modular reactors) or 2037 (if modern larger plants are found to be the best option).

The ANA welcomes the announcement of nuclear energy as part of a balanced energy mix.  Nuclear energy is a zero-carbon technology widely used overseas to enhance energy security and reduce carbon emissions.