Nuclear Power

  • Study Tour to Korea under Korea- Australia Nuclear Cooperation

    In April 2018, Dr Robert Barr, Robert Parker, and Barrie Hill visited South Korea at the invitation of the Korean Nuclear Association. This visit to Korea was a follow up to the visit of the South Koreans who came to Sydney to give presentations on the Korean nuclear power program at the ANA2017 Conference in October 2017 The objective of…

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  • Loud and Nuclear

    In an article published in the March/April 2018 issue of the Energy Source & Distribution magazine, John Harries writes that nuclear power is used in most developed and many developing countries as an essential part of their electricity supply. Nuclear power is a very well established technology with more than 17,000 power reactor-years of operation since the first commercial power…

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  • Nuclear Power – some facts

    Nuclear power.  Nuclear power is the only proven generation technology offering solutions on all three fronts of the energy trilemma: security and reliability, affordability, and environmental sustainability for Australia’s National Electricity Market.  Today over 447 operable nuclear reactors totalling almost six times Australia’s total generating capacity supply 10.6% of the world’s electricity in 30 countries[1]. Legal constraints.  Australia is the…

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