Special resolution to adopt an amended Constitution of the Australian Nuclear Association Inc

The ANA Committee has recommended that the Constitution of the Australian Nuclear Association Inc. be amended.

The amendments are listed here: Changes to the ANA Constitution 2023.

The Constitution with changes as tracked changes is here: ANA Constitution Oct 1983 Amended 1997, 2012 and 2023.

Amendments include:

  1.   change the number of Committee member from “three” to at “least three”.

This reflects recent practice and removes the need for each AGM to approve a new number of Committee members

2.   add “education” in the objects of the association.

The ANA has always acted as if education is one of its functions, adding this word makes that clear/

3.   add “student” and “honorary” membership categories.

The Committee approved the categories of Student Membership and Honorary Membership.  This formalises the categories

4.   remove need for applicants for membership to know two members “personally”.

When formed ANA was a small association and it was feasible for applicants to be known personally.  This is no longer practical.  There is still a requirement for all applications for membership to be approved by the Committee. 

5.   modernise the constitution to include “on-line” and “email”; replace “his” with “their”, “Chairman” with “Chair”.

6.   remove historic clauses related to the first committee.

7.   Change timing for notices of meetings and nominations to align with the Model Constitution.

8.   align the constitution to the requirements of the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009 and the Associations Incorporation Regulation 2016.

For NSW Fair Trading to approve any changes to the constitution of an association incorporated in NSW, the association is required to show that the amended constitution addresses all requirements of the Act and the Regulations.  The ANA constitution predated these requirement but if any change is required (1 and 2 above) then the amended constitution must cover all the specified topics. The Constitution has been amended by incorporating requirement from the NSW Model Constitution where appropriate.