Requirements For Operational Nuclear Plants In Australia From 2030 — Preliminary Concept Study Insights.

Speaker: Professor Stephen Wilson, Director of the Centre for Energy Futures, University of Queensland. 

DATE & TIME: 6.00 pm to 7 pm, Wednesday 21 July 2021. 

Hosted by Engineers Australia Sydney Division Nuclear Engineering Panel.

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A preliminary concept study chose the small modular reactor and plant design from NuScale Power in the US as a case study example to review and analyse what would be required for nuclear energy plants to be operating in Australia from the 2030s.

The scope covered technology characteristics; the engineering required through the plant entire life cycle; the legal, regulatory and institutional requirements; meeting the skills and capabilities needed; the importance of building public trust to secure an enduring social license to operate; siting, economics and financing. The study finds that Australia has the capability to make use of nuclear energy from the 2030s. A key recommendation is to develop a program to create real options for projects in steps that follow the project development cycle stages. The report makes eight recommendations for leaders in government, academia, business, and citizens both as individuals and collectively through civil society organisations.

About Professor Stephen Wilson

Professor Stephen Wilson is Director of the Centre for Energy Futures at the University of Queensland. Stephen has worked at the intersection of engineering, economics and policy across three decades and in over 30 countries as a consultant, in a large mining company and most recently at UQ.