Report on the 2018 Atlanta Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Conference and Advanced Reactor Summit

Tony Irwin,
Technical Director, SMR Nuclear Technologies.

5.30 for 6 pm Wednesday 23 May 2018.
Engineers Australia Harricks Auditorium, Ground Floor, 8 Thomas Street, Chatswood, NSW.

Meeting hosted by the Nuclear Engineering Panel, Engineers Australia.

Click here for slides for Tony’s talk

Cut-away view of reactor building for 12-module NuScale plant

Tony Irwin attended the 8th Annual International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit held in Atlanta, USA in March 2018. Come and hear about the latest developments in advanced reactor technology and the status of Small Modular Reactor (SMR) licensing and construction. Several countries have new initiatives for the early deployment of SMRs. The USA is providing funding to reduce the time from innovative ideas to commercial readiness. Canada has a program to host demonstration SMRs and has invited applications.

Tony attended this conference with John Barilaro, Deputy Premier NSW. Hear how John’s presentation on the energy problems in Australia was received by the conference delegates.

About Tony Irwin:
Tony Irwin is a Chartered Engineer, Chair of Engineers Australia Sydney Division Nuclear Engineering Panel, Technical Director of SMR Nuclear Technology Pty Ltd and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy.

Tony worked for British Energy in the UK for more than 30 years commissioning and operating 8 nuclear power reactors. In 1999, he moved permanently to Australia and joined the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) where he managed fuel strategies and provided advice on nuclear issues. He was subsequently appointed as Reactor Manager for the commissioning and operation of ANSTO’s new OPAL research reactor. Tony is now a consultant. Tony is an Honorary Associate Professor and principal lecturer for the ANU Master of Nuclear Science course reactor and fuel cycle modules.