Australia’s OPAL Multipurpose Nuclear Reactor

Hosted by the Australian Nuclear Association (ANA).

Speaker: David Vittorio, General Manager of the OPAL Multipurpose Reactor. 

Zoom Webinar 12:30 pm AEST, Tuesday, 9 August 2022.

This talk follows the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Nuclear Association Inc. 

Non members of ANA can join the webinar at 12:30 to hear the OPAL presentation.

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Australia’s OPAL reactor is a state-of-the-art 20-megawatt multi-purpose reactor that uses low enriched uranium (LEU) fuel to achieve a range of activities to benefit human health, enable research to support a more sustainable environment and provide innovative solutions for industry.  Opened by the Prime Minister in 2007, OPAL is one of a small number of reactors with the capacity to produce commercial quantities of radioisotopes. This capacity, combined with the open pool design, the use of low enriched uranium fuel and the wide range of applications, places OPAL amongst the best research reactors in the world.  The suite of neutron beam instruments housed next to the reactor building are used by members of the scientific, medical, environmental and industrial communities, as well as Australian Universities.

David Vittorio

About David Vittorio

David Vittorio is the General Manager of the OPAL Multipurpose Reactor. Specialising in Strategic Management, Operations Management and Organisational Culture development. David holds a Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor of Applied Science (physics) and Postgraduate qualifications in Energy Studies. David has worked towards maximising the safety, reliability and availability of the OPAL research reactor with a view to delivering maximum benefit to its users. Today, the OPAL Research Reactor recognised as being one of the world’s most highly available and multipurpose research reactors.