Nuclear Waste Management – Moving Forward Toward Better Days

Dr. Charlotta E. Sanders, Senior Project Manager, World Nuclear Association

Friday 22 Nov 2019 – 5:30 pm for 6 pm

Venue: Zenith Theatre, Corner Railway & McIntosh Streets, Chatswood NSW

Sides of Dr Sander’s presentation are available Click here

Dr Charlotta E. Sanders


Nuclear power generation provides a stable, efficient and secure means of power production while remaining nearly carbon neutral, and is used as part of the overall energy mix in many countries to combat a warming climate. The positive environmental benefit from nuclear power generation has led to its rise in popularity especially among certain Asian nation states, such as China and India. As demand for access to financially accountable clean sources of power production continue to grow, nuclear energy is very firmly back on the political agenda of many countries around the world. While the idea of created nuclear waste sometimes pauses discussions moving forward or continuing with a nuclear power generating program, the polluter pays principle requires the successful management of radioactive waste and used nuclear fuel from these activities. Countries with a nuclear power generating program are at various stages in implementing nuclear waste management strategies, including developing a geologic repository, interim storage, and/or used fuel reprocessing. Until recently, the historic trend for siting and eventual construction of a long-term deep geologic repository have not seen rapid advancement, causing much public debate about the continued sustainability of nuclear power.
However, more positive recent advances demonstrate that long-term radioactive waste disposal practices are sustainable. Developments in a number of countries (e.g., Canada, France, Finland and Sweden) show it is possible to make the technological and political decisions to move forward with geologic repository siting through constructive levels of public engagement with a potential host community. The presentation will consider the progress of various countries’ geologic repository development, as well as the political/societal barriers to nuclear power and waste management concerns.


About Dr. Charlotta E. Sanders

Dr. Charlotta E. Sanders is a Senior Project Manager at World Nuclear Association overseeing the Radiological Protection, Sustainable Used Fuel Management, and Waste Management & Decommissioning working groups. Previously, she was an Associate Research Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and a consulting nuclear engineer. Dr. Sanders’ clients included URENCO USA, Westinghouse, Entergy, Nuclear Energy Institute and the Yucca Mountain project. 
Dr. Sanders is a registered licensed professional Nuclear Engineer in the State of Nevada, and the author of over 50 journal/conference articles (including several U.S. NUREGs). She has co-authored a book on nuclear waste management from an international perspective for the publisher Academic Press, with publication scheduled late 2019.