Australia’s existing nuclear capabilities will help make the submarine project a success.

The Australian Nuclear Association Inc (ANA) welcomes the decision announced today for Australia to acquire a nuclear-powered submarine fleet. It is a decision based on the merits of nuclear power for submarine propulsion.

Australia has over 60 years’ experience across the nuclear fuel cycle including uranium mining, nuclear reactor operations (OPAL, MOATA and HIFAR) and medical radioisotope production.  This experience, along with our excellent credentials in nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear security and nuclear safety, will provide a strong basis for Australian nuclear-powered submarine capability.

In addition, operating nuclear-power submarines will enhance our local manufacturing and R&D capability in support of Australia’s overall drive to expand STEM education and research.

ANA President, Dr Joanne Lackenby says “Australia already operates and manages sophisticated nuclear technologies and has considerable expertise in this field. Today’s announcement will facilitate an expansion of this nuclear expertise and enhance Australia’s STEM sector.”

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 16 September 2021
Dr John Harries, ANA Secretary
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