Nuclear Power – New Constructions and R&D

Speaker: Dr Mark Ho, President ANA. 

Webinar 5 pm Thurs 28 May 2020. 

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Vogtle 3 under construction in US

Progress in nuclear power continues unabated with Westinghouse AP-1000 commissioning work in Georgia, KLT-40S connection in Pevek and EPR builds at Hinkley Point , not to mention the many reactor constructions underway in China.  This talk will also cover the increased activities in advanced designs, including HTRs, MSRs and compact SFRs.  There will be plenty of Q & A time to delve deeper during discussions.

About Dr Mark Ho 

Dr Mark Ho is President of the ANA and works at ANSTO as reactor heat transfer specialist.  His research interest includes reactor design and deployment.  He currently supervises 3 PhD students studying reactor development and safety analysis codes.