Loud and Nuclear

In an article published in the March/April 2018 issue of the Energy Source & Distribution magazine, John Harries writes that nuclear power is used in most developed and many developing countries as an essential part of their electricity supply.

Reactors at Sanmen, China

Nuclear power is a very well established technology with more than 17,000 power reactor-years of operation since the first commercial power reactors started operating 1956.

Currently, there are 447 nuclear power plants connected to the grid in 30 countries, with an additional 58 nuclear power reactors under construction and 157 nuclear power reactors on order or planned with approvals, funding or major commitment in place.

With the urgent need to meet international carbon emission commitments, nuclear is a real option to be part of Australia’s energy future and help limit carbon emissions from the energy sector.

Nuclear power is a well-established technology that can make a very significant contribution to improving reliability and lowering carbon emissions of Australia’s power system. Medium-sized nuclear power reactors (700-1000MW) and SMRs would fit well into Australia’s transmission grid. They would be well suited for adding to Australia’s National Electricity Market(NEM) as fossil fuel plants are retired.

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