Study Tour to Korea under Korea- Australia Nuclear Cooperation

Shin Kori 3 & 4

In April 2018, Dr Robert Barr, Robert Parker, and Barrie Hill visited South Korea at the invitation of the Korean Nuclear Association. This visit to Korea was a follow up to the visit of the South Koreans who came to Sydney to give presentations on the Korean nuclear power program at the ANA2017 Conference in October 2017

The objective of the visit was to investigate the origins and lessons from the introduction of nuclear power into Korea, the cost of electricity now produced and the Korean export performance. The information gained will be used to build the case for the use of nuclear power as a source of clean low carbon electricity in Australia.

The Korean Nuclear Association arranged for the Australian group to be shown facilities at:

  • KEPCO nuclear fuels
  • KINAC Korean Institute of Nuclear Nonproliferation and Control
  • KORAD – Korean Radioactive Waste Agency
  • KHNP Saeul Nuclear Power Plant Visit
  • KINGS – Kepco International Nuclear Graduate School
  • Doosan Heavy Industries
  • KAERI – Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute
    Doosan 17,000 tonne forging press

KNA is an industry representative body with about 48 members covering all of the key private and public sector nuclear industry contributors

Part 1 of the Trip Report  covers the first day nuclear energy seminar and contributions by participants.

Part 2 of the Trip Report of the Trip Report the subsequent inspection of Korean nuclear facilities and organisations by the Australian group.