Introduction to the Rolls-Royce UK SMR technology and consortium.

Speaker: Alan Woods, 
Director Strategy and Business Development – SMR, Rolls Royce, UK

Webinar 5 pm Sydney time, Wednesday 21 October 2020.

Alan’s slides are available here

A video of the webinar is available here

      Alan Woods

The Rolls-Royce lead SMR consortium encompasses a number of companies that bring together all the capabilities to design and supply an SMR power station specifically designed to meet market and economic requirements for competitive decarbonisation of energy.

The UK SMR design is a three loop, close-coupled, Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR) which provides a power output at circa 400-450 MWe using industry standard UO2 fuel with a robust combination of active and passive safety measures. The concept is an innovative repackaging of reliable and proven technology, allowing off-site modular construction using standard components and advanced manufacturing techniques. The UK SMR project aims to deploy SMRs in the UK by 2030.

The UK SMR is of great interest to Australia because its size would suit the Australian grid and its design will be licenced by the UK regulator.

About Alan Woods 

Alan is Director Strategy and Business Development for Rolls-Royce’s SMR business, with responsibility for the development of the commercial partnerships, regional, customer opportunities, financial terms and government relationships. Alan also holds a corporate strategy role in Rolls-Royce assessing adjacent opportunities within the energy market.

After completing a Masters Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Nottingham University, Alan joined Rolls-Royce on the graduate training programme in 1998. His career in Rolls-Royce has covered multiple sectors including Submarines, Marine, Corporate Strategy, and now Nuclear. Alan has also completed a Masters degree in Programme Management.

Alan has two children and is a keen skier.