Greens talking to Greens – Nuclear Power and Climate Change

The first of possibly two Stand Up For Nuclear event in Australia 2021 events.  Stand Up For Nuclear is an international pro-nuclear movement, where allies around the world advocate for the protection and continuation of nuclear energy. 

Hosted by Australian Greens for Nuclear Energy – Unofficial.

“Greens talking to Greens – Nuclear Power and Climate Change”.

Was streamed live via Facebook at 4 pm Sydney time (AEDT UTC+11 ) Friday 8 October 2021

To see a video of the event go to 

Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant , Finland

In 2002, the Finnish Greens resigned from the government in protest at the cabinet’s decision to allow the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Finland.  Come 2021, and the Finnish Greens are the only Greens party in the world to adopt a policy of neutrality toward nuclear technology. Their views on nuclear energy are part of a broader plan to fight climate change and provide energy security.

Join us for an online discussion with Atte Harjanne from the Greens party of Finland, the only Green party in the world to accept the science on nuclear power. We will be touching on energy policy, democracy, climate change, and of course nuclear power.