Fast Neutron Reactors

Dr Mark Ho,

1 pm Thursday 27 April 2017.

AINSE Theatre, Lucas Heights, NSW.

Meeting hosted by ANA.

For Slides for Mark’s talk click here


Many nations have invested heavily in fast neutron reactor research for their ability to breed fuel and incinerate radioactive waste.  Of the 440 power reactors currently operating in the world, only two are fast reactors.  However, by virtue of using fast neutrons, they have found diverse applications, from fuel breeding studies, to materials research, to marine and space propulsion.  This talk will cover some basics of fast neutron reactors and survey the current research programs for power, research and propulsion fast neutron reactors.

About Mark Ho:
Mark is a reactor heat transfer specialist at ANSTO with a PhD in computational fluid dynamics.  His interest lies in numerical and experimental fluid mechanics, multiphase flow and nuclear reactor design.