Simulation of Energy Materials at the Atomic Scale

Annual Meeting of the Four Societies

Professor Robin Grimes

Professor Robin Grimes, 
Professor of Materials Physics, Imperial College London, and
Chief Scientific Advisor at UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Date: 6 pm, Wednesday 14 March 2018.
Venue: UNSW Colombo Theatre C.
Drinks and canapes will follow lecture

Entry: Free.

Hosted by the ANA.

Professor Grimes is Professor of Materials Physics at University College London. He has been Director of the Imperial Centre for Nuclear Engineering at Imperial College, London, since 2008 and became Director of the Imperial College Rolls Royce University Technology Centre in Nuclear Engineering in 2010. His research is focused on the use of high performance computing techniques to understand the behaviour of materials for energy applications including nuclear fission and fusion, fuel cells, batteries and solar cells. He is also Principal Investigator of the Research Council’s UK Nuclear Fission consortium project.

In 2013 was appointed the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Chief Scientific Advisor responsible for providing advice to the Foreign Secretary, Ministers and officials on science, technology and innovation.

The Four Societies are:
Australian Nuclear Association
The Royal Society of New South Wales
Australian Institute of Energy
Nuclear Engineering Panel of Sydney Division of Engineers Australia

With support of UNSW Nuclear Engineering, and
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)