Press Release

  • Australian support for considering nuclear energy reaches 70%.

    The Australian Nuclear Association Inc (ANA) is encouraged by the latest polling out on Friday [1] that shows a growing number of Australians support the consideration of a civilian nuclear power industry in Australia. ANA President, Dr Joanne Lackenby says, “The nuclear industry has demonstrated for over 60 years that it can deliver reliable, low emission electricity safely and economically.”…

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  • Australia’s existing nuclear capabilities will help make the submarine project a success.

    The Australian Nuclear Association Inc (ANA) welcomes the decision for Australia to acquire a nuclear-powered submarine fleet. It is a decision based on the merits of nuclear power for submarine propulsion. Australia has over 60 years’ experience across the nuclear fuel cycle including uranium mining, nuclear reactor operations (OPAL, MOATA and HIFAR) and medical radioisotope production.  This experience, along with…

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