Australian support for considering nuclear energy reaches 70%.

The Australian Nuclear Association Inc (ANA) is encouraged by the latest polling out on Friday [1] that shows a growing number of Australians support the consideration of a civilian nuclear power industry in Australia.

ANA President, Dr Joanne Lackenby says, “The nuclear industry has demonstrated for over 60 years that it can deliver reliable, low emission electricity safely and economically.”

32 countries globally benefit from nuclear power with many other countries considering the technology as a means to meet emission reduction targets.

“Globally, nuclear power provides 10% of total electricity generation. It is the second largest source of low emission electricity following hydropower.”, Dr Lackenby said.

Australia has over 60 years’ experience across the nuclear fuel cycle. This, along with excellent credentials in nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear security and nuclear safety, positions Australia well for a civilian nuclear power industry in Australia.

Dr Lackenby said, “Nuclear power technology has come a long way since the first reactor was connected to the grid in 1954. Innovative developments in Small Modular Reactors and advanced reactors are particularly exciting and may one day provide a valuable contribution to Australia’s energy mix.”

[1] Compass poll for the Menzies Research Centre, as published in The Australian on 17/9/21 (“AUKUS alliance: Public warms to the big idea of nuclear power”, Dennis Shanahan)

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