ANSTO’s new SYMO plant uses Synroc Technology to immobilize nuclear medicine production waste.

Hosted by Nuclear Engineering Panel of NSW Engineers Australia

Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio, Group
Executive, Nuclear Precinct –
ANSTO and Executive Director ANM

Speaker: Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio, Group
Executive, ANSTO Nuclear Precinct and Executive Director Australian Nuclear Medicine (ANM)

Webinar and In-Person Event 6 pm Sydney time, Wednesday 17 March 2021.

Venue: Engineers Australia, Mezzanine, 44 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.

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Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio


ANSTO is the home of Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) production within Australia. The end-to-end process is situated onsite at the Lucas Heights campus. Utilising the OPAL reactor, ANSTO supplies to both the domestic and international markets the life-saving Mo-99 nuclear medicine product. Processing of Mo-99 occurs within the bulk Mo-99 manufacturing facility (also known as ANM) while dispensing of the final product to Technetium generators occurs at our nuclear medicine Processing and Distribution Facility (also known as Building 23).

The treatment and storage of the intermediate level liquid waste (ILLW) product from the manufacturing of Mo-99 is an ongoing problem for many organisations around the world. Final wasteform storage is a significant challenge due to durability, waste volume and environmental concerns. ANSTO has developed a world first Synroc Technology, which is able to fixate the liquid waste into a solid wasteform (Synthetic rock – Synroc). This makes the waste easier to handle and ready for final stage repository. The SYMO facility currently under construction is a first of a kind plant specifically designed to treat the alkaline waste from current Mo99 production, using Synroc technology. 

About Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio

Pamela Naidoo Ameglio is the Group Executive of the Nuclear Precinct at ANSTO. She leads the full scope of nuclear medicine production, OPAL research reactor operations, nuclear waste operations, minerals and radiation services, and nuclear waste solutions commercial business units. When completed, the SYMO plant will complete the precinct. Pamela brings her strengths of collaboration and engagement to translating business objectives into safe operational outcomes and inspiring teams to strive for sustainability and continuous improvement. She sits on various executive steering committees for risk, WHS, strategic projects and diversity at ANSTO.

Pamela joined ANSTO in 2018 after 24 years in the mining industry including leadership roles at South 32, BHP, Rio Tinto and De Beers. .