The UK New Build Programme – status, challenges and lessons learned

Dr Ron Cameron.

Former Adviser to the UK Government.
Artist’s impression of proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station

1 pm Thursday 27 October 2016.

AINSE Theatre, Lucas Heights, NSW.

Meeting hosted by ANA.

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In 2006 the UK embarked on a commitment to build large nuclear without offering ‘direct subsidy’ or equity funding. It did this by reforming the energy market and offering contracts for difference for nuclear. In doing so, it stressed that this was a way to rebuild expertise and industrial capacity that had significantly declined. 10 years later the first new build has just been approved but the earliest date for operation is still 2024.

This talk will present a status of the new build programme and then discuss some of the hurdles that new build presented and what lessons we can learn from this attempt to build large nuclear though private sector finance in a de-regulated electricity market.

In support of rebuilding nuclear capacity, the UK also embarked on an assessment of small modular reactors and then a competition to choose a path to 2030. The presentation will discuss whether this pathway presents a better way for the UK to achieve its nuclear ambitions.

About Ron Cameron:
Dr Ron Cameron established his own company in 2014 providing advice to the UK government and the UK nuclear insurance pool on nuclear new build. He was responsible for facilitating inward investment and partnering between UK companies and companies in France, China, Japan and the US, all intending to build reactors in the UK. He also provided advice to the former Departments of Energy and Climate Change and Business Innovation and Skills on assessing potential SMR designs and developing a UK roadmap.

Prior to this role, he was Head of the Nuclear Development Division at the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, which provides advice to 28 member governments on policy and strategic issues related to all aspects of nuclear power development and the nuclear fuel cycle. He has also held executive roles as Chief of Operations and Executive General Manager at ANSTO and was awarded a Public Service Medal for his role in the construction of the OPAL research reactor. Ron started his career as a research leader with the UK Atomic Energy Authority and has also been seconded to the IAEA.