Nuclear for Climate

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The Australian Nuclear Association (ANA) supports the international initiative on Nuclear for Climate which highlights the essential contribution of nuclear energy in addressing climate change.

Robert Parker, President of the Australian Nuclear Association signed the Nice Agreement on Nuclear for Climate on behalf of the ANA in Nice, France, on 4 May 2015 (photo below right).  The text of the Declaration is in the press_release_from Société Française d’Energie Nucléaire (SFEN).

Parker Signing Declaration
Robert Parker signing the Declaration in Nice, France

The ANS Nuclear Cafe website provides a detailed report on the Nuclear for Climate declaration and the signing ceremony.

Nuclear energy is part of the solution to meet increasing electricity demand while reducing greenhouse gases. Nuclear power provides 11% of global electricity production, 27% of Europe’s electricity and 53% of its carbon-free electricity. According to the latest World Energy Outlook published by the IEA, nuclear has already avoided the release of around 56 Gt of CO2 since 1971, which is equivalent to two years of emissions at current rates.For more details see the ANA Statement – Nuclear for Climate.

The Nuclear for Climate initiative aims to raise awareness among decision-makers and the general public of the undeniable climate change benefits of nuclear.

The following quotes are from Australian politicians:

“It’s an obvious conclusion that if you want to bring down your greenhouse gas emissions dramatically you have to embrace a form of low or zero-emissions energy and that’s nuclear, the only known 24/7 baseload power supply with zero emissions,” Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs (SMH 30 Nov 2014)

“In the longer term however the fundamental drivers of nuclear power, namely energy demand from growing populations, and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the desire for greater energy security remain unchanged.” Gary Gray, Shadow Minister of Resources (Uranium Conference 2014, 17 July 2014)

The Australian Nuclear for Climate website discusses the importance of having nuclear energy in Australia’s low carbon future.