Nuclear Science Week 17-21 Oct

Nuclear Science Week is an international celebration to focus local, regional, national and international interest on all aspects of nuclear science.

As part of Nuclear Science Week, AINSE has organised two free presentations at the AINSE Theatre,
New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights, NSW.

Dr Maria Rost Rublee
Department of Politics and International Relations
School of Social Sciences, Monash University
Monday 17th October 2016
5:30pm – 6:30pm

What does “nuclear” mean to Australians? This talk will focus on how the social construction of “nuclear” has shaped Australian policy about nuclear weapons, nuclear disarmament, and even nuclear energy. Now that nuclear commerce is on the agenda – with federal discussions of nuclear waste sites and South Australia pondering whether to ramp up its nuclear-related activity — it is more important than ever to be clear about the various meanings, emotions and ideas with which we have imbued the concept of “nuclear.”

Dr Helen Brand
Scientist – Powder Diffraction
Australian Synchrotron
Tuesday 18th October 2016
4:00pm – 5:00pm

On Earth jarosites are an important mineral to a range of industries. However, jarosites are also an
important key to unlocking role of water in the geological history of Mars. Since joining the Australian synchrotron Helen has extended this study to encompass the behaviour of these minerals within the context of the Martian crust and surface. To explore the properties of these materials Helen uses a suite of both experimental (in situ diffraction and small-angle scattering), and theoretical (ab initio densityfunctional theory) techniques to cover a range of temperatures and pressures.

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Refreshments 30 minutes before the talk

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