Nuclear for Climate

The international Nuclear for Climate initiative published and updated position paper “Nuclear energy is a key part of the solution to climate change” on 14 Nov 2018 in preparation for the next UN climate conference, COP24, which is scheduled to take place on Dec 3-14 in Katowice.

The Nuclear for Climate initiative brings together nuclear professionals and scientists from all parts of the globe, through the representation of 150 regional and national nuclear associations and technical societies with the aim to make nuclear part of the climate conversation.

Climate change is the most significant threat to our planet today, and yet just three years after the Paris Agreement the world is significantly behind in meeting its climate goals. Nuclear power is recognized as a low-carbon source of energy. According to the IPCC, the median life cycle emissions from nuclear are 12 g/kWh, similar to wind energy.

For the benefit of the planet, nuclear must be included in the climate conversation as it is a proven and efficient mitigation technology available today.. Keeping the existing nuclear fleet in operation and adding new capacity can help the world reach its climate goal.

The ability of nuclear energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has already been demonstrated.

Nuclear energy is available today and deployable on a large scale

The shutting down of nuclear power plants has led to a stagnation of, and even an increase in, greenhouse gas emissions.

International experts have stated that all low-carbon technologies will need to be mobilized in order to stop climate change, including nuclear.

Increasing nuclear power helps to ensure faster and cheaper decarbonisation.

Click here for the Nuclear for Climate Position Paper