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The Australian Nuclear Association is an independent incorporated non-profit Scientific Institution. It is an association of individuals to provide a forum for the presentation, exchange and dissemination of information on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. The ANA holds regular technical meetings and national and international conferences and publishes the quarterly Nuclear Australia newsletter to report on nuclear events and issues.

Members are entitled to vote at general meetings, be elected to the Committee and to hold office. A copy of the constitution of the Australian Nuclear Association is available here.

Membership eligibility is determined by the Membership Sub-Committee on the basis of an individual’s interest in, and potential contribution towards, nuclear science and technology. A membership application requires two sponsors who are Members. Please contact the Committee on if you do not know two Members.

The annual membership subscription is $50 for 2017-18.  Please do not pay until you are advised that your membership application has been accepted.

Please include your contact details on this form. The details given are for the Association’s sole use and are not provided to third parties without your approval.

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