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Nuclear Forensics Supporting Nuclear Security

David Hill, ANSTO
1 pm, Thursday 23 October 2014
AINSE Theatre, New Illawarra Rd, Lucas Heights, NSW

ANA 2014 Award to Dr Rob Robinson

As announced at the ANA AGM, the recipient of the ANA 2014 Award is Dr Rob Robinson in recognition of his contribution to the establishment of the Bragg Institute as a world class facility for using neutrons and X-rays for research and industry. His commitment to developing instrumentation on the OPAL neutron beams has been a major factor in acceptance of the OPAL reactor as an important science facility in Australia.

Dr Robinson will be presented with the Award at the ANA Annual Lunch on Friday 5 December in Sutherland NSW. Please advise ANA if you would like to receive the flyer for the lunch when it is distributed.

ANA Half-day Symposium on Nuclear Power Technology at UNSW

The ANA is hosting a Half-day Symposium on "Nuclear Power Technology" at 2-5 pm on Wednesday 15 Oct 2014 in Room G3, Building G17, School of Electrical Engineering, UNSW. For more information and registration please see the flyer

This topical half-day symposium will provide updates on important issues facing consideration of nuclear power as a viable option in Australia's energy future. This symposium is of interest to engineering students in the UNSW Faculty of Engineering, ANA members and others interested in nuclear engineering and broader nuclear issues.

ANA Annual General Meeting 28 Aug 2014

The ANA AGM was held at 12.30 pm on August 2014 with 15 members present.

The officers and committee members of the ANA for 2014/2015 are:

      President Mr Rob Parker
      Vice-President Dr Therese Donlevy
      Secretary & Public Officer Dr John Harries
      Treasurer Dr Kapila Fernando
      Committee Members Dr Peter Airey
Dr Don Higson
Mr Mark Ho
Dr Neil McDonald

ANA Statement on Nuclear Power

The ANA Committee has prepared an updated Statement on Nuclear Power. This Statement provides background to the ANA's previously expressed support of the use of nuclear power for Australia and our nation's involvement in all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle.

WiN Global Annual Conference 20-25 Oct 2014

Women in Nuclear (WiN) Australia is hosting the 22nd WiN Global Annual Conference (WiN 2014) in Sydney on 20-25 October 2014. Please register on the WiN Australia website

The WiN Conference represents the premier international networking and technical event for the WiN organisation, which is now active in 105 countries and has around 25,000 men and women interspersed between the various Global, National and organisational Chapters. Participants are confirmed from over 30 countries, including China, USA, South Africa, UK, Japan, South Korea, UAE, as well as Taiwan, WNA and the IAEA.

The keynote speakers opening the conference include Dr Ma Lu, Senior Vice Presidebt of SNPTC (China), Dr Erica Smyth, Chair of Toro Energy Ltd and Deputy Chair of ANSTO, Dr Irene Aegerter, Vice President of the Swiss Academy of Chair of ANSTO, Technological Sciences and over sixty abstracts have been submitted to date by our international colleagues.

This Conference represents a unique chance for all Australians interested in nuclear and radiation science and technology to network with an outstanding array of international nuclear colleagues in Australia.

Registrations close on the 3 October 2014

Last Updated 26 Sept 2014