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Hosted by the Nuclear Engineering Panel, Engineers Australia

The UNSW Nuclear Engineering Program

Professor John Fletcher, University of NSW
5.30 for 6 pm Wednesday 24 September 2014
Harricks Auditorium, Ground Floor, 8 Thomas St, Chatswood, NSW.

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The Faculty of Engineering at the University of New South Wales is establishing a Nuclear Engineering program that includes undergraduate and postgraduate education and research training. The rationale for embarking on such an endeavour will be outlined. A review will be provided of where nuclear engineering fits within UNSW’s wide-ranging energy research portfolio and the part it plays in the Australian Energy Research Institute. Existing UNSW teaching and research strengths in the nuclear sector are identified including uranium mining, materials characterisation and modelling, energy markets and economics, power system operation, and life-cycle management. Challenges to the development of the program are identified including the undeniable need for funded and focused research programs in Australia in the nuclear area, student recruitment and attracting new academic staff.

The UNSW nuclear program will establish new links with the world-class Centre for Nuclear Engineering at Imperial College, London, and expand existing excellent relationships with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. As well as providing staff that can teach from an experienced background in nuclear operations, these two organisations provide much needed practical and research expertise in nuclear engineering, laboratory facilities and access to the globally-integrated nuclear sector.

About Professor John Fletcher
John Fletcher is a Professor (Energy Systems Research Group) with the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. He joined UNSW in August 2010 and was previously a Senior Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and Lecturer at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Professor Fletcher’s areas of research expertise include power electronics and machine drives in the renewable energy, aerospace and automotive sectors where he has been rewarded or contributed to research grants in excess of £12M. John holds B.Eng. and PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, UK. He is supporting UNSW’s Nuclear Engineering program within the Faculty of Engineering.

Professor Mary O'Kane presentation to the Annual Meeting of the Four Societies

This year, ANA hosted the Annual Meeting of the Four Societies (Australian Nuclear Association, Royal Society of New South Wales, Australian Institute of Energy and Nuclear Engineering Panel of the Sydney Branch of Engineers Australia).

The speaker at this Four Societies meeting was Professor Mary O'Kane, NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, who gave a presentation on "Questions about Power in NSW" in the Hamilton Room, MLC Centre, Sydney, at 6 pm, Thursday 27 February. The slides for Professor O'Kane's very interesting talk are here.

Dr Eric (Lou) Vance receives ANA Award for 2013

The ANA 2013 Award was presented to Dr Eric (Lou) Vance on Friday 6 December 2013 by ANA President Dr Therese Donlevy at the ANA Annual Lunch at the Sutherland United Services Club, Sutherland NSW.

Dr Eric (Lou) Vance has made an outstanding contribution to ceramic science and to the development of advanced ceramics for immobilisation of radioactive waste. He is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics, the American Ceramics Society, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and the Australian Ceramic Society.

Dr Vance is a highly respected member of the international scientific community, is continually invited to be a guest speaker, and maintains his links with prestigious international research laboratories and universities. As a mentor, Dr Vance provides valuable guidance to his staff and is an excellent sounding board for testing ideas. He is author or co-author of over 330 articles in international journals and refereed conference proceedings and co-author of 3 patents.

The ANA was pleased to give the 2013 Australian Nuclear Association Annual Award to Dr Lou Vance in recognition of his outstanding contribution to nuclear science and technology in Australia by his contribution to development of ceramic waste forms for immobilisation of radioactive waste.

Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference, Vancouver, 24-28 Aug 2014

The Canadian Nuclear Society, the Canadian Nuclear Association, and Natural Resources Canada are hosting the 19th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference (PBNC-2014) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 24-28 August 2014, under the aegis of the Pacific Nuclear Council. The ANA is a member of the Pacific Nuclear Council

The theme of PBNC-2014 is “Fulfilling the Promise of Nuclear Technology around the Pacific Basin in the 21st Century”. Papers will be organized in 10 technical tracks.

Please visit the PBNC-2014 website for more information, to submit papers, and to register.

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